PWN it & OWN it. No compromise.

PWN Safe.

You no longer have to decide whether to use an asset as collateral, thus risking a missed airdrop and limited usability. With PWN Safe, you can now enjoy all the benefits without compromise.

How it works?

PWN Safe is a multisig crypto wallet with added functionality providing the ability to mint an Asset transfer rights token (ATR). Whereby the user benefits from the use of the collateral while remaining the owner of the asset and enjoying all the associated benefits.

PWN Safe deployment

A user deploys a new PWN Safe and transfers assets to it. PWN Safe enables tokenization of transfer rights of assets in the Safe.

Asset Transfer Rights (ATR)

The user tokenizes the asset transfer rights and gets an ATR token. The ATR token is then used in PWN as collateral. The actual asset remains in the Safe and the user can connect to any dApp via Wallet Connect to keep the utility of the asset, except its transfer.


ATR token holder can transfer the underlying asset to any other PWN Safe.


ATR token holder can claim the underlying asset, burning the ATR token in the process. Claiming will enable the owner to transfer the asset from PWN Safe to any other account.

PWN Safe Benefits

  • A user remains stated as the owner of the asset.

  • A user can use any utility functions of the asset (e.g. for gaming)

  • No more missed airdrops

  • Assets are kept in the PWN Safe all the time

  • ATR tokens are a standard NFT and can be used anywhere in DeFi! This is money lego.